Magick Mushroom Jerk Chicken



3-4lbs bone in, skin on chicken thighs [6-8]
1 cup @ thenewprimal spicy marinade
½ cup whole30 approved or compliant coconut aminos
½ cup whole30 approved or compliant ketchup [tessamaes]
½ cup Whole30 approved or compliant jerk seasoning [ primal palate]
1 ½  tablespoons nom nom paleo magic mushroom powder [whole30 compliant]
1 cup green onions, diced
½ tablespoon hemp seeds
olive oil | ghee spray [pureindian]
white +  black pepper



well seasoned chicken:
mix all dry spices in large bowl [set aside ¼ tbsp]
add chicken + spices.
coat generously  + rub aggressively in mix.
rest for 30 minutes, room temp

new bowl + whisk:
wet seasonings
spicy marinade + ketchup + coco aminos
+ ½ cup green onions + ¼ tbsp spice mix

coat cast iron pan with oil | ghee + heat, high
add chicken, skin side down.
pour wet seasoning mix generously over chicken.
cook on high, 2 mins
lower heat, medium high + cook 2- 3 mins.
turn chicken, skin side up + cook about 8 minutes. 
turn chicken, skin side down + cover pan w/ lid
transfer to oven.
bake, 350 + 30 mins.

green onions + hemp seeds

optional side pairings:
cauliflower rice + plantains 

lauren richeson