pepitas | pistachio | cod | tahini lemon sauce



2 cod loins, thawed
½ cup unshelled unsalted pistachios
½ cup unsalted pepitas [pumpkin seeds]
1 tablespoon coconut aminos
½ cup tahini
1 lemon,  juiced
1 garlic clove, minced
1 egg  
sea salt + pepper



preheat oven, 350. 
whisk egg in bowl + 1 tbsp of water. 
add pistachios + pepitas + garlic to blender, pulse until finely chopped.
place blended mixture in large bowl, set aside.
season cod with salt + pepper.
dip cod into the egg wash then apply coat well with pistachios pepitas garlic mix.
transfer cod to sheet pan.
bake, 20 mins.
whisk tahini + lemon juice + coconut aminos + water together.
set aside. 
plate crusted cod + drizzle with tahini lemon dressing. 

additional pepitas + pistachios

optional pairing:
zucchini noodles
arugula salad


lauren richeson