Chilean Sea Bass | Citrus Mint Sauce



2 four oz portions chilean sea bass [or favorite whitefish], skin on
4 endives, halved
2 meyer lemons
2 small grapefruits
2 cara cara oranges
4 tablespoons Whole30 compliant ghee [ @pureindianfoods]
1 bundle of fresh mint
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1/3 cup extra-virgin avocado oil [@primalkitchenfoods]
sea salt




+citrus mint sauce+
using 1 of each citrus.
gently grate the skins for zest, save some for garnish. 
slice + juice citrus into small bowl.
muddle + chop mint, about 1/4 cup.
whisk garlic + oil + mint + citrus juice + ¼ of zest + dash of salt in a medium bowl. 
set aside. 

slice remaining citrus into ¼ inch thick rounds. 
remove rinds + arrange on plate.

heat 1 tbsp ghee in pan, medium high.
add garlic + endives, cut side down.
brown, about 4 mins. 
turn endives + stir garlic.
cook 2 minutes, until tender. 
remove endives, set aside. 
heat off + reserve garlic ghee in pan for fish. 


fish should be room temp + pat skin dry + sea salt season.
[drier the fish, crispier the skin, closer to god]

add ½ tbsp of ghee to reserved pan.
heat high medium, till shimmering.
place fish skin side down in pan. 
with spatula, press + hold, 30 secs.
cook 4 mins, until skin is crisp. 
turn + baste.
cook 2 minutes longer. 
plate + rest fish.

combine citrus mint sauce + endives into pan.
heat medium low, 1 minute.

plate fish onto sliced citrus.
drizzle with sauce + garnish with fresh mint.

lauren richeson