whole30 Coach lp testimonials

I’ve been following LP for quite a while now. I love her style and flair for sharing information and being the queen of telling it like it is. When she launched her Whole30 group coaching it was pretty much a no brainer that she was the coach for me! The whole program was made easier just knowing I had someone to keep reminding me of my why, and to feed me pics of Beyoncé on the daily to remind me of my own inner queen. 10/10 would recommend Lauren for your next Whole30 adventure!
— Rowan Latila

let me change your life

I did Whole30 coaching with Lauren for my second round of Whole30. I had never done coaching before, and I was not sure how useful it would be for me since I had already successfully completed a round of Whole30 on my own. Well, LP definitely exceeded my expectations and raised the bar! I loved the sense of community that she fostered within the group - it’s always helpful to have support and encouragement from others who are going through the reset with you. Not only did Lauren bring us all together, but she provided all the resources we could possibly need in a very approachable way. She was there to answer any questions we had throughout the reset, and as a certified Whole30 coach, she was able to provide guidance on how to handle situations or issues that may come up during the 30 days. I really valued having her as a sounding board for questions I would have otherwise spent an hour researching (aka Googling) on my own. Finally, LP made the entire process a blast, and we had a really fun time in our coaching group. She was able to make me laugh even when my sugar dragon was rearing it’s ugly head, which is no easy feat!

I would highly recommend joining one of LP’s Whole30 groups for coaching - whether it’s your first Whole30 or not!
— Natalie Green

stronger together

I found and interacted with LP on IG while completing my second Whole30. I loved her insightful posts and the real hard facts she shared about the Whole30 lifestyle. I was super impressed by her savvy and her obvious knowledge about the program.

I was so thrilled when LP announced she would be leading a September Whole30 group. It would be my third Whole30 and I felt I needed a change and some support. I thought the group setting with LP would be an amazing experience. I was right. It didn’t disappoint! What an incredible 30+ days! LP led the group in a manner that allowed for easy conversations and comfortable chats. LP’s group was a welcoming safe place where we could ask questions, exchange ideas, share recipes and, more importantly, encourage each other. She motivated, inspired and supported us daily.

LP’s coaching style proved to be exactly what I needed. Her genuine care and concern made my 3rd Whole30 so much easier. I learned much more in the group environment. The value of having a Certified Whole30 Coach cheer you on is immeasurable. The experience was absolutely fantastic and so highly recommended!
— Melissa Boutin

inspiration goes both ways

Whole 30 headmistress herself, Melissa Hartwig Urban, recommended LP to me. I started my November Whole 30 group with LP in rough shape having gained over 40 pounds, had gone through a rough break up, and was battling PCOS, and candida overgrowth. During the Whole 30 I crashed and ate non compliant food. LP was there without judgment and with love to get me back on and I finished. LP comes alongside each one of her clients to help them thrive during their Whole 30. She does it with her characteristic joy and enthusiasm. I HIGHLY recommend joining her Whole 30 group. It’s literally life changing and brings so much healing. If you have any hesitation this is me on the other side telling you to DO IT ❤️
— lisa hughes

life changing smiles

I first found LP through IG and I was in love with all of her beautiful photos and her refreshing approach to eating well as a lifestyle. I had tried to start a Whole30 multiple times and despite lots of research and what I thought was very thorough planning, I was struggling to finish a complete 30 days. I knew I needed to change up my strategy and I finally realized that what I was missing was a supportive community and someone to keep me accountable. I was convinced that coaching would be the answer and I chose Lauren because I admire her food freedom focused approach and love her positive and enthusiastic attitude. She is so kind, genuine and committed to helping her clients have the best Whole30 experience possible, and with her help I finally completed a successful round of Whole30!
I would definitely recommend LP to anyone who is looking for a Whole30 coach who will keep you laughing and smiling all the way to Day 30 and beyond!
— Chelsea Miller