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a collection of Whole30 Approved products to help simplify & support your journey to Food Freedom.


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                        free bacon and $10 off your first order. 



ButcherBox delivers beautiful cuts of 100%grass-fed grass-finished beef, heritage breed pork and free-range organic chicken from trusted farmers right to your door.

You can decide whether you want to be surprised and have ButcherBox curate well-balanced assortment of meat for you or whether to customize your own box and how often it's delivered. 

Each Classic ButcherBox contains 8-11lbs of meat, which around 24 meals and come to less than $6 per meal.

You’ll also receive selections of recipe cards, featuring simple and delicious recipes from food bloggers, chefs and a easy-to-understand meat guide with basic cooking method instructions.

thrive market

Thrive Market is a online marketplace on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone.
You can shop for thousands of the best-selling organic, Whole30, paleo, gluten-free, raw, vegan foods and natural products at 25-50% below traditional retail prices.

The Thrive Gives initiative also makes it possible for low-income families, teacher, and veteran to access natural, organic, and non-GMO foods and products for the first time. 
With every paid membership, a free membership is given to a low-income family, teacher, or veteran.

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      EXTRA 25% off your first purchase PLUS a free 30 day trial

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                                      use code LPFEDME for 25% the entire site!


The New Primal is a pioneer of the healthiest, most responsibly sourced, meat snacks and flavorful Whole30 Approved marinades on the planet, brings a fresh approach to an old favorite. While The New Primal begins with jerky, our core mission extends to an entire way of life that emphasizes simplifying and fueling world adventures wherever they may take you. We are a company built on honesty, transparency and integrity and we hope to inspire everyone who encounters our brand to make better food choices. You are what you eat. Choose Wisely®.


ZÜPA NOMA superfood soups

ZÜPA NOMA uses only the highest quality, Certified Organic ingredients so you never have to worry about chemicals or GMOs… not to mention, they’re the best tasting, too! And when possible, we use "imperfect" vegetables that are oddly-shaped and would otherwise go to waste.

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TRIBALÍ Foods seeks and sources 100% organic high-quality proteins — from grass fed and grass finished beef to free-range chicken, pasture-raised pork, and wild-caught seafood — to create a flavorful, versatile, and nutrient-dense centerpieces for wholesome, satisfying frozen burgers.
Three perfectly-seasoned flavors: Umami Beef, Mediterranean Beef or Chipotle Chicken
Welcome to ancestral eating made for your modern world!



Sizzlefish offers direct delivery of premium quality, sustainable seafood that is carefully selected and perfectly portioned for easy, delicious meals. Their online seafood market features the finest lobster, salmon, halibut, haddock, cod, trout, scallops, shrimp & more. Most selections (except sampler and shellfish-only packages) contains 14 - 4+oz portions.  They offer both variety packs as well as individual types of seafood, to help you enjoy the benefits of omega 3 fats in the form of healthy, pure, delicious varieties of fish. 

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pure indian foods ghee

Pure Indian Foods is your one-stop source for the purest ghee, spiced ghee, cooking oils, Indian spices or other Indian groceries, swiftly delivered right to your front door. Producing certified organic ghee using milk sourced from grass-fed, ethically raised cows. This ensures that the ghee has a healthy ratio of Omega fatty acids.

Ghee is a healthy, shelf-stable alternative to plain butter or other cooking oils. Ghee does not contain milk solids, has a very high smoke point which makes it an excellent choice to use for frying and sautéing and it can be stored without refrigeration for several months. 

real plans meal prep

Whether you're stuck in a rut for inspiration or just can't get organized to cook, this is a game-changer. 
Real Plans is a meal planner with super powers. It creates a custom plan to suit your family's size, busy schedule, and ever-changing needs.

Real Plans gives you access to over 1500 carefully curated recipes to suit every taste and occasion.
For less than $2 per week you can have every meal you eat planned for you in an simple to navigate system that has easy to follow recipes, built in shopping list and more to help make your meal prep work for you. 

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